360 Idaho 
360 Idaho is a real estate media company servicing agents, brokers and builders for more than 20 years. Under new ownership and inspired by a bold new vision to empower real estate, we were hired to clarify an identity strategy and develop a new trademark that would set the course to their becoming the premier real estate media & marketing partner in the state.
The new trademark is simple and abstract, made up of twin quadrilateral shapes. Several appropriate ideas are inherent in this timeless mark. Among these are a nod at cutting edge real estate media technology like the immersive virtual fly throughs created with the latest in Matterport 3D technology.
Additionally the contour of the state of Idaho is also abstractly hinted at, as is the driving idea of partnership being at the center where the two shapes meet. Finally, the mark seen as a whole has a lightning bolt silhouette, symbolic of their mission to empower real estate through cutting edge media services and specialized market knowledge.