Hearth & Lily 
Breeders of fine Australian Labradoodles, H&L's mission is to breed, nurture, and train the ideal family dog for the best possible transition to a new home. Located between Utah's majestic Wasatch mountains to the East and Oquirrh mountains to the West, Hearth & Lily's breeding environment is ideal.
Competition in the breeding industry is intense, and it was critical that they correctly represent their values and win trust early. We helped them establish credibility in their new endeavor by clarifying their brand strategy and developing a name and trademark anyone would want to take home.
The Hearth & Lily identity speaks to mothers and homemakers. Not only are these dogs cute as can be, they are known to be consistently well-behaved—particularly around children—hypoallergenic, clean, calm, and healthy. The name and logo combine two important ideas. The hearth, a symbol of home, and the gathering place for memories, laughter, serenity, and love. That's where you'll find the family dog. And the lily, a reference to the founders' home state of Utah, where the state flower is the Sego Lily.