Watersmith Sprinkler Company
Watersmith Sprinkler Company saw an opportunity to provide sprinkler equipment and installation education to local contractors and DIY homeowners. As a startup they were the new kid on the block, so quick awareness and instant trust were critical. We created their logo and identity system. Nearly fourteen years later the company had built a solid reputation around their well-known tagline, Do it right the first time™
No longer the new kid, and with a growing share of the market, we were asked to refresh their brand identity to better reflect qualities of dependability and trust.
We simplified and refined their symbol and created an all new logotype.
A bold "WS" monogram representing water nourishing grass is at once simple, recognizable, and relevant. Bold color was put to work to create quick recognition from a distance while communicating life, growth, and ease on applications like trucks, apparel, and marketing collateral.
When I started my own company I turned to Spaulding Brand for help. They gave us a unique brand that people recognize, helping us with our refresh fourteen years later. You can trust their vision.

—Blake Smith,  Owner, Watersmith Sprinkler Co.